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Where to Get DIY Free Sebo Repair Advice

Where to get free DIY Sebo repair advice If you have a Sebo vacuum cleaner and you are planning to repair it yourself, you may well be looking for where to get free Sebo repair advice. Our blog here is of course the first place to start. We have lots of articles here that will… Read More »

Is It Worth Having an Old Sebo Vacuum Repaired?

Is It Worth Having an Old Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Repaired? Or Should You Just Buy a New One? This is a question we are asked quite often so let’s delve into it a bit. Many vacuum cleaners are designed to be thrown away after a few years of use (Shark and Vax are good examples).… Read More »

How to Strip Down a Sebo Turbo Floor Head – 8365GS

If you need to strip down a Sebo turbo floor head, this article is for you. The new replacement floorheads supplied by Sebo changed several years ago. They are ostensibly similar, and the new one performs better. The two types are below. The older type (6780ER) is at the back, the newer type (8365GS) is… Read More »