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How to Fix the Bag Full Light on a Sebo X1 or X4

How to fix the bag full light on a Sebo X1 or an X4: If you have a Sebo X1 or an early X4 (which are 1300w models not later 1100w models) and your bag full light is coming on causing the machine to cut out, we are going to show you how to fix… Read More »

Sebo Automatic X: Red Bag Full Light Lit Up and Machine Cutting Out

Today we are going to discuss how to fix your Sebo vacuum cleaner if the bag full warning light is illuminated and the machine switches off a few moments later. This can happen with the Sebo X1, the Sebo X4, the Sebo X5, the Sebo X7 or any of the Automatic X range. It can… Read More »