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Spare Parts for the Sebo X4.1 and X1.1

Spare Parts for the Sebo X4.1 and X1.1 If you have a Sebo X4.1 you may be frustrated when trying to look up spare parts for bags for it. Almost nobody lists spare parts specifically for the Sebo X4.1. You might have better luck with the X1.1, but an X1.1 isn’t an X1 so mistakes… Read More »

Our Sebo Automatic X4 Clear Vacuum (See-Through)

We came by one of these today, which are quite rare. A transparent, see-through version of the iconic Sebo X4 Automatic. From what we know, they were made available to dealers in years gone by by Sebo. They were produced so dealers could show customers the working parts inside and better explain the engineering. They… Read More »