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What Brand of Vacuum Cleaner is Alex Turner Using in the Arctic Monkeys Photo?

What brand is the vacuum cleaner Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys is using in this famous photograph of him vacuuming? We know. And more to the point, can you buy one? Yes, you can. Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner caused quite a stir with his new look. Gone are the skinny jeans and disheveled… Read More »

What is the Difference Between the Sebo X7 Vacuum Colour Versions?

What is the difference between the different colours of Sebo X7 models of vacuum cleaner? You will find four colours of Automatic Sebo X7 vacuum cleaner if you research online. You’ll find red, white, navy blue and black (and some dark grey commercial variants). This article will tell you the difference between all the models… Read More »