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All About the Navy Blue Sebo X7 Boost Vacuum

We took a navy blue Sebo X7 Boost vacuum cleaner off a customer in part exchange recently and then realised (because we’re Sebo anoraks) that we hadn’t encountered that particular variant before. So we thought we’d mention it here in case someone is randomly Googling and wants to know about them. This is a Sebo… Read More »

The Sebo X7 Pastel Range of Vacuum Cleaners.

Sebo are launching a new pastel range of their flagship X7 vacuum cleaners on the 5th September 2019. We at The Sebo Shop are giving you the insider information three weeks before launch. In this post we’ll explain the new colour range, the specification differences to the existing Sebo vacuum cleaners and where to buy… Read More »

What is the Difference Between the Sebo X7 Vacuum Colour Versions?

What is the difference between the different colours of Sebo X7 models of vacuum cleaner? You will find four colours of Automatic Sebo X7 vacuum cleaner if you research online. You’ll find red, white, navy blue and black (and some dark grey commercial variants). This article will tell you the difference between all the models… Read More »