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Is the Navy Blue Sebo X7 Extra Good Value?

Is the navy blue Sebo X7 Extra vacuum cleaner good value for money? Let us help you choose your next Sebo vacuum. One of the things you should know when you’re looking at navy blue Sebo X7s on different platforms is not all navy blue Sebos are the same. Some so-called “special editions” are confusingly,… Read More »

Which Is the Best Value Sebo Vacuum Cleaner You Can Buy?

Which is the best value Sebo vacuum cleaner you can buy? People are frequently asking us which is the best Sebo vacuum cleaner to buy. On social media, people often also ask where is the best place to buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner. In this article, we will concentrate on domestic Sebo vacuums — not… Read More »

What is the Difference Between the Sebo X7 Vacuum Colour Versions?

What is the difference between the different colours of Sebo X7 models of vacuum cleaner? You will find four colours of Automatic Sebo X7 vacuum cleaner if you research online. You’ll find red, white, navy blue and black (and some dark grey commercial variants). This article will tell you the difference between all the models… Read More »