The Telegraph Recommended Vacuum Cleaners – Sebo X7 Pet

By | April 30, 2022

Telegraph recommended vacuum cleaners: read a vacuum expert’s opinion on the Sebo X7 Pet and other hoovers they recommend for pet hair.

Telegraph recommended vacuum cleaners

The Telegraph recently published an article called “The best vacuums for pet hair 2022, tried and tested in dog and cat-owners’ houses”.

That’s not to be confused with their other article from the same week entitled “The best upright vacuum cleaners for a thorough spring clean in 2022“.

At the Telegraph, it seems that machines for pet owners looking to vacuum up pet hair are quite different from machines enabling you to have a thorough spring clean.

What if you’re a pet owner who wants to spring clean? Well, you’ll no doubt have to wait for next week’s list. You may think that’s absurd and I agree with you.

You may think they get junior hacks to write this stuff as page filler, with almost no research. You may very well think that – we couldn’t possibly comment. 

However, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and the Telegraph stumbled upon the Sebo X7 which we will discuss.

But first, let’s look at the Telegraph’s other recommendations. As the North’s largest independent vacuum shop, with decades of experience, and thus vacuum experts, our opinion differs somewhat from the writer Simon Lewis, who surely means well, and probably tried a few machines, but obviously isn’t a vacuum expert.

When the BBC want some vacuum expertise they ask us. When ex-cabinet ministers want a vacuum cleaner, they come to us. When ITV want a vacuum cleaner for Coronation St, they get it from us. When the bloke from the Krypton Factor wants his Dyson repaired, he comes to us.

What do you think Simon should have done if he wanted an expert opinion on vacuum cleaners?

Answers on a postcard…….. 

Anyway, let’s have a quick canter through his thoughts. Such as they are.

At number 1 The Telegraph put the Vax Air Stretch Pet

How can we put this? That’s hilarious!

A piece of £99 Chinese junk at number one, above the Sebo? That’s like putting a Lada above a BMW. At ninety-nine quid, you get what you pay for. A cheap piece of Chinese tat masquerading as a British brand that will be in the bin after twelve months. I’d expect to see a £99 Vax recommended in the Sunday Sport, not the Telegraph. Come on Simon, know your audience, read the room. Vax is what people in C2DE socio-economic groups buy. Middle-class ABC1 Telegraph readers want quality.

Added to this, pull-along vacuum cleaners aren’t really terribly popular in this country. They’re an acquired taste. We sell about one pull along to 99 uprights. To have this Vax at number 1 is ludicrous.

At number 2 The Telegraph put the Shark Anti Hair Wrap cordless vacuum cleaner

Shark is an ostensibly American manufacturer (although based in the tax-free Cayman Islands) of very mediocre vacuums that we’d suggest are quite poor quality. Over half of the Shark vacuums we get in for repair end up being written off. Most are less than a year old. Poor design, built-in obsolescence, poor parts availability and usually in the bin a year after you bought one. See >this<, >this< and >this< on our Instagram page for details.

A cordless is never, never, never going to be best for pet hair on carpet. Battery power isn’t there yet. It can’t beat mains power in vacuum cleaners. Cordless vacuums are better as secondary machines. They suggest you spend £339 on a Shark! For that price, you can get a real vacuum cleaner.

At number 3 The Telegraph put the Dyson Outsize Absolute

Not a bad machine. Heavy for a cordless. But we can’t stress enough that cordless machines are better as a secondary machine. Instead of spending an eye-watering £700 at Dyson UK on one of these as they suggest, at this price point, you can buy TWO vacuums that will last you over a decade and are far better built and far less likely to go wrong.

But if you really want a Dyson cordless, find Dyson’s outlet on eBay. Get a V8 or a V7 for less than half the price. And remember, it’s a secondary machine, not a main family vacuum.

At number 4 The Telegraph put the Henry Pet

Again hilarious. This is another know your audience moment. A pull-along green bucket with a stick on smiley face? The Numatic Henry does have a following for sure. But a 620w asthmatic Numatic as the main family vacuum in a Telegraph reader’s home? Just no.

If you like the idea of a pull-along vacuum and want something better than a Henry, read our article The Professional Sebo D8 – Better Than a Numatic Henry Hoover. But we wouldn’t recommend such a machine for pet hair.

At number 5 The Telegraph put the Sebo Automatic X7 Pet

Now we’re getting somewhere. This should be number one on the Telegraph recommended vacuum cleaners list. Apart from the many glaring mistakes in Simon’s copy (no you don’t have to kneel down to switch the headlight on, Simon), the Sebo is by far the best machine of the lot. Hand-made in Germany, tried and tested design. Five-year guarantee that you’re unlikely to need. The default choice of discerning people in the shires and the affluent, green and leafy corners of our great nation. The Sebo is the Heinz among beans, the Rolex among watches, and the Range Rover among four-wheel drives. The Sebo X7 Pet is our best-selling vacuum by a mile.

Best Value Sebo Vacuum Cleaner - Sebo X7 Pet

But before you dash off to get one from Amazon (boo!) as they suggest, do a little more research. Have a read of our vacuum guide >>here<< which explains properly why the Sebo X7 is a good choice.

Then consider where you will spend your money. Buying from Amazon allows them to cream off 15-20% of your spend in seller fees, enriches their shareholders and helps Jeff buy a new spaceship.

Buying from a family business like ours usually costs you no more, often less, and keeps the money in our country trickling down to the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. Consider supporting British businesses instead of faceless American corporations.

Plus with us, your new Sebo will come with DPD, we can recycle your old Sebo if you have one, we offer deals on bags at the same time and have a huge selection of other tools and accessories, many of which you won’t find on Amazon. Or if you do, you’ll pay more.

Simon also mentions a £330 Hoover in his article – more Chinese rubbish. No, Hoover isn’t British anymore. He also mentions a Miele cylinder, which seemingly made the Telegraph recommended vacuum cleaners list because his Mum has one. Enough said there I think.


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