Ten Facts About Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

By | November 22, 2022

Ten facts about Sebo vacuum cleaners: you may be a Sebo vacuum expert or maybe you’re just researching Sebo vacuum cleaners. Perhaps you are looking for reviews about Sebo vacuum cleaners? Our blog here is a mine of Sebo information, and our North West showroom and online Sebo Shop make us one of the UK’s largest companies specialising in Sebo vacuums, parts and accessories.

So let’s talk about Sebo vacuums and I’ll tell you ten facts about Sebo vacuum cleaners you might not know.

Sebo Fact #1: Let’s look at the Sebo BS360 first.

Ten Facts About Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

The BS360 (BS36 before 2017) is the world’s best-selling upright commercial vacuum cleaner. They are the default choice of professional cleaning companies, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, big PLCs, office blocks, retail stores, stately homes, castles and pretty much any other commercial application you care to mention.

You’ll find them at Oxford University, the British Security Services, Buckingham Palace, Hovis, Guinness and Toyota to name but a few. We know that as most of those mentioned are our customers. Sebo BS production numbers in the multi-millions. There is a topic on our forums >>here<< where you can see some photos from Sebo HQ in Germany and the one millionth Sebo BS made in 1994.

Sebo Fact #2: Sebo vacuums are so reliable and well-built, other manufacturers have Sebo make machines for them and put their name on them.  Look at this.

Ten Facts About Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

That is ostensibly a Diversey Ensign Evo 350. However, >here you can see< that it’s really a Sebo Evolution 350 in another colour. Sebo has made vacuums for Karcher, Cleanfix, Jangro, Jeyes, Columbus, Windsor in the USA, Borg in Russia, Reckitt, Johnson Diversey, Lever Industrial and many more. Only top-notch manufacturers have worldwide cleaning industry and appliance brands beating a path to their door asking them to rename a product in this way. Nobody does that with Shark. 

Sebo Fact #3: Sebo has figured out how to evade the EU vacuum ban.

Back in 2017, the EU decided that our vacuums were too powerful and that 900w was the maximum we are allowed to have. Here’s a feature the BBC did in our showroom on the subject.

Despite the fact that the UK has now left the EU, that particular rule on vacuum cleaner wattage is still in force and it seems unlikely it will be rescinded.

However, some Sebo models such as the Sebo E3 Premium Boost have a temporary boost up to 1200w that evades all that nonsense. And we have another way of evading it: We still sell new 1300w models that are bespoke builds.

Sebo Fact #4: Sebo vacuums last a LONG time. No, I don’t mean 12-18 months like a Shark might. I mean 35-40 years if you look after one. Look at this.

Ten Facts About Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

That is an old Sebo commercial 360. On the back, it says “Made in West Germany”. That predates the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989. We use this machine to clean our showroom to show people the longevity of Sebo. If you bought a Shark or Dyson today, do you still think it would be going strong in the 2050s? Highly unlikely isn’t it?

Sebo Fact #5: The celebrities’ choice.

A large number of well-known individuals, sports people, actors and politicians are very fond of their Sebo.

Edwina Currie with a Sebo vacuum cleaner

Edwina Currie loves hers that she bought from us as you can see above. You’ll see one of our Sebos on Coronation St too. Here’s another lady some may know.

Christine McGuinness with a Sebo vacuum cleaner

That’s Christine McGuinness, a former model, as seen on The Real Housewives of Cheshire with her Sebo Felix. Then there’s Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys and Donald Trump both spotted with Sebos. Check out the video below with the Donald using a Sebo.

Below in our shop is Holly Harwood from the BBC trying out a Sebo Felix.

Holly Harwood vacuuming

And even Celine Dion has been seen with a Sebo. Celine Dion with a Sebo vacuum cleaner

Unfortunately, Celine didn’t get hers from us.

Sebo Fact #6: Sebo produces a cordless vacuum too.

The Sebo BP60 cordless vacuum is Sebo’s latest addition to its lineup.

Sebo BP60

The Sebo BP60 is a full-size battery-powered vacuum aimed at the commercial market. With a runtime of one hour, manual height adjustment, and a generous 5.5-litre microfibre bag, the Sebo BP60 is a very capable machine. Here’s a quick look at one in action in our showroom.

You can find out more about the Sebo BP60 cordless vacuum cleaner in our article here: All about the Sebo BP60 cordless vacuum cleaner.

Sebo Fact #7: Sebo produces an orbital floor polisher.

Although this article is ten facts about Sebo vacuum cleaners, some floors need something more than a regular vacuum cleaner. If you have hard commercial-grade flooring, Sebo makes a floor polisher called the Sebo Dart 3.

Sebo Dart 3 floor polisher

This Sebo rotary floor polisher has an abrasive pad to gently polish hard floor surfaces and as it is a vacuum too, all the dust goes up into the bag.

You can find out more about the Sebo Dart 3 floor polisher in >>this article<<.

Sebo Fact #8: A Sebo is usually worth repairing.

We all remember Trigger’s broom from Only Fools and Horses, don’t we? The one that had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time. You can usually fix a Sebo vacuum over and over again. Parts availability is superb, and in these cost-conscious times, repairing your Sebo is usually far cheaper and more environmentally friendly than replacing it.

Ten Facts About Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

The Sebo X1 in Co-op blue and grey you see above dates from the mid-1990s. We still routinely repair Sebos of this vintage. Find out more in our article here: Is it worth repairing an old Sebo vacuum cleaner?

We can fix your Sebo wherever you are in the country. Find out more here: National Sebo Vacuum Repairs.

Sebo Fact #9: Henry who?

For those that like a tub-style or pull-along vacuum, the Numatic Henry is often the go-to model. However, Sebo makes a vacuum that is far superior to any Henry. This is the Sebo commercial D8.

Sebo D8 professional vacuum

The Sebo D8 is 30% more powerful than a Henry and considerably more durable and long-lasting. With a dial speed control and a flex that can be swapped by anyone in moments, users of a D8 soon forget their old asthmatic Numatics. Find out more in our article here: The Sebo D8 – better than a Henry.

Sebo Fact #10: Bags.

No ten facts about Sebo vacuum cleaners article would be complete without mentioning bags. Sebo vacuums take bags.

Dyson and other bagless manufacturers have always made a big deal about “not having to buy bags” with their products. Their marketing worked quite well as some people still have a blanket “I dont want to buy bags” attitude without even listening to the common sense behind bags like no filters to wash, no routine servicing required, no build-up of dirt and debris in cyclones.

Ten Facts About Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

With bagged machines, the air passes through a bag and the bag catches the dirt and the dust-free air is expelled. For this reason, many bagged machines don’t have a pre-motor filter. They don’t need one because the bag is the main filter. The better-end of bagged machines often have a pre-motor and a post-motor filter, but you don’t need to think about them very much as you would with a bagless machine. With a Sebo, the air that comes out of the machine is cleaner than the air that went in. Microfibre bags with superb filtration is a major reason why.

I’ll let you into a secret: the best vacuum cleaners have always had bags. Bags are not something we’ve moved on from as some marketing suggests. At the top end of the vacuum cleaner market, especially with German machines such as Miele, Vorwerk, Wessel Werk and Sebo, the bag never went away.

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