The Sebo X7 Pastel Pink Vacuum Cleaner

By | September 4, 2019

First Look: The Sebo X7 Pastel Pink Vacuum Cleaner.

We previously touched on the new Sebo Pastel range of vacuum cleaners in this post a few weeks ago.

Now the first ones have landed in our shop, let’s take a closer look at the Pastel Pink X7 model. Here it is:

Sebo X7 Pastel Pink Vacuum Cleaner

As with the Sebo Felix Rose, Sebo are donating 25% of the profits from this machine to the Pink Ribbon Foundation – a breast cancer charity.

Sebo X7 Pastel Pink Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s zoom in a little…………

Sebo X7 Pastel Pink Vacuum Cleaner

And some more…….

Sebop X7 Pastel Pink Vacuum Cleaner

You want to know about the specification of this new model.

What features does it have over other Sebo vacuum cleaner models and what tools and extras does it come with?

Sebo X7 Pastel Pink Vacuum Cleaner

First, allow us to explain how the Sebo X7 model specification works in general.

Putting colours aside for a moment, with the Sebo X7 range (or the XP10 commercial), you start off with a basic machine, it comes with two tools (stair tool and crevice).

Then to different model versions, any singular item or mixture of the following are added:

Sebio Pink Pastel X7 vacuum cleaner

So what specification is the new Sebo X7 Pastel Pink? 

The new Sebo X7 Pastel range are all the same specification. There is no difference between the four colour variants.

The DO come with:

  • The headlamp (same as found on the black X7 Pet)
  • The Boost facility (same as found in the black X7 Pet)

However, they do NOT come with:

So think of them the same specification as a basic white ePower vacuum, but add the headlight and the Boost function from the X7 Pet.

You can find the Sebo X7 Pastel Pink vacuum cleaner by clicking the button below.

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