What Brand of Vacuum Cleaner Does Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle Use?

By | February 27, 2023

What brand of vacuum cleaner do they use at Buckingham Palace? Or Windsor Castle?

Some sources online will tell you that vacuum cleaners are banned at Buckingham Palace and other royal households. You might have read that the cleaning staff must sweep the carpets with brooms.

This simply isn’t true.

It was allegedly the case that our late Queen wasn’t keen on the sound of vacuum cleaners, and staff tended to avoid using them around her. That is likely where the banned rumour came from.

The reality is that vacuum cleaners have been used in Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and other royal households since around 1903.

Hubert Cecil Booth invented the vacuum cleaner in 1901. He created a device called Puffing Billy.

Puffing Billy vacuum cleaner

The machine was parked outside properties and hoses were fed through the windows. It was originally powered by an oil engine, later upgraded to an electric motor.

In 1903, Booth was invited to clean the carpet in Westminster Abbey in preparation for the coronation of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

Similar vacuum cleaning machines were then installed in both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and Booth’s British Vacuum Cleaner Company earned the Royal Warrant of Appointment to His Majesty Edward VII. Here’s an old advertisement mentioning this.

Vacuum cleaner by Royal Appointment

You may wonder what brand of vacuum cleaner can be found in Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and other royal households today. The answer would be Sebo.

Sebo vacuums are well-known to be the most reliable of vacuums and the Sebo BS36 is the world’s most popular commercial upright cleaner. Sebo is the default choice for castles, manor houses, and stately homes, so it’s no great surprise that the royal households use them too.

We supply many Sebo vacuums to the National Trust, Scottish castles, manor houses, stately homes, and similar types of buildings. When you have a castle or a palace to clean, only a Sebo will do.

What Is the Best Vacuum for a royal palace?

Here at the Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs, we can also count several royal households among our customers over the years. Only recently, we received an order directly from Windsor Castle.

Royal Family vacuum cleaner

Now you know that Sebo vacuums can be found in Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and several other royal households, some of you are going to want to know which specific models of Sebo vacuum cleaners they buy.

Obviously, it would be indiscreet of us to reveal the exact nature of any individual or specific orders, quantities, or locations, but we’re sure they won’t mind us telling you that you will find machines from the XP range in royal households.

Buckingham Palace vacuum cleaner

You will also find machines from the BS range in royal households.

vacuum cleaner Buckingham palace

It may also be of interest to some that our royal households, don’t tend to simply toss a machine away when it eventually breaks. They also buy spare parts to fix them (we know that from first-hand experience too).

That probably comes as no great surprise to those familiar with King Charles’ eco credentials. And it’s nice to see that our royal houses employ cleaning and household staff and handymen who implement his ethos right down to the vacuum cleaners.

It also isn’t lost on us that some royal households choose to source from reasonably priced, regular family businesses like ours instead of shopping with huge, faceless cleaning supply companies where they would pay inflated prices.

Does that mean the Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs now gets a royal warrant? Not automatically – it’s not as simple as that. Royal warrants must be applied for, are not granted to all, and the business must demonstrate that royal houses have been customers for five years or more. We’re looking into our past invoices to see if we qualify.

But meanwhile, we have the definitive answer to what brand of vacuum cleaner can be found at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and other royal households. Sebo vacuum cleaners – fit for a king!

Sebo commercial vacuums are professional quality machines that are designed for heavy-duty use. They are used in some of the world’s most prestigious locations, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Highclere Castle and Trump Tower in the US.

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