Where to Buy a Replacement Sebo Hose

By | March 20, 2022

If you want to buy a replacement Sebo hose for your vacuum cleaner, this post is here to make sure you buy the correct one and direct you to the different platforms where you can buy one at the best price.

Not all Sebo vacuum hoses are the same, so let’s be sure you get the right one.

This post is discussing the integral onboard hoses. If you want an extension hose, that is, one that you add to your existing hose to get a further reach up the stairs, for example, read >this article< instead.

Most Sebos out there in domestic houses are Automatic X models, so let’s start with those. Colours and versions vary but they look like this.

Where to buy a replacement Sebo hose

So if your machine is an X1, X1.1, X4, X5, X7, X8, XP10, XP20, XP30, XP1, XP2 or XP3. Or a commercial Evolution machine, you are looking at this hose.

Sebo X4 hose

Early X1 models had the same hose in light grey or beige like this.

Sebo X1 hose

And Evolution (also Taski Evo) models look like this.

Sebo Evolution hose

The light grey/beige hose (part number 5040GY) from early models has been discontinued now, but the silver-grey one (5040SB) is a direct replacement for it – only the colour differs (the old part number was 5040DG, the John Lewis item number was 85662716).

Model descriptors like “Excel”, “Extra”, “1300w”, “Graphite”, “Rose Gold”, “Pet” etc. after the model number don’t matter and can be disregarded for these purposes. An X4 is an X4, an X4.1 is an X4, an X4 Excel is still an X4 and still takes the same hose.

Sebo 5040SB hose - 8.614-265.0

This same hose is fitted to commercial Ensign Sensor 300, Sensor 310, Sensor 370, Ensign SM1, SM2, Stealth 1 and Stealth 2 machines as well.

Some sellers online have a cheap white aftermarket Chinese-made hose, forget those. They are very stiff, often kinked from new due to being badly packed in China, and of dubious quality. We stopped stocking those some time ago due to quality control issues.

Here’s Where To Buy the Silver-Grey Sebo Automatic X Hose

Sebo 5040SB hose on the Sebo Shop – best value, especially if you want some bags, other parts, accessories or tools as well as there is a flat delivery charge up to £120 order value (free thereafter). Plus delivery is tracked Royal Mail 24, so you get it fast. UK delivery only from here.

Sebo 5040SB hose on UK Amazon – Also Amazon fulfilled there for Prime customers.

Sebo 5040SB hose on UK eBay – Competitive price, but Second Class delivery to meet the price point.

Sebo 5040SB hose on US eBay – Sent from the UK so delivery is circa 2 weeks.

Other Sebo Models

If you have a commercial BS machine, that is a BS36, BS46, BS360 or BS460, the hose above, despite looking similar will not fit your machine. If your Sebo is a BS model, you want this one: Sebo BS36 and BS360 replacement hose.

If you have a Sebo Felix or a commercial Sebo Dart 1 or Dart 2, you want this one: Sebo Felix and Dart hose.

If you have an old 350 or 360 Electronic machine that are badged variously as Sebo, Diversey, Lever, Jeyes, Taski or Ensign, most of those have what is known as the “swan neck hose” on, take a look here and be sure to check the photos: Ensign 360 swan neck hose.

Overseas Models

The 5040 hose is also used on overseas Sebo models Professional G1 and G2, Sebo 370E, 370 Comfort and the US models of Sebo X derived machines being Windsor Sensor, Windsor Karcher Sensor S, S12, SR12, S15, SR15, XP12, XP15, XP18, Windsor Versamatic PLUS Uprights VSP14 and VSP18. Cross-reference part numbers are 86142650, 8.614-265.0, WI-5040HG and 5040WI. You can buy this hose directly from us with international tracked delivery on US eBay >>here<<.

Overseas Trade Enquiries

Non-UK customers wanting a quantity of 10+ can email us >>here<<.

Now you know where to buy a replacement Sebo hose.

The Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs are approved Sebo dealers offering next-day UK delivery on all domestic and commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners and spare parts.

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