Where To Buy a Sebo Floor Polisher

By | May 15, 2022

The Sebo Dart 3 Floor Polisher

If you’re in the cleaning business or have hard commercial floors to clean, you’re probably fed up with mopping. You’ll know of Sebo vacuum cleaners of course, but did you know you could buy a Sebo floor polisher?

You can and it’s called the Sebo Dart 3.

Buy a Sebo floor polisher

You might be thinking of a commercial scrubber dryer or some other sort of polishing machine, but where to start?

If you browse around some of the big cleaning supplier companies’ websites, you’ll find stuff like this.

Commercial floor cleaning

Very nice if you’re cleaning an airport and have a spare three grand, but not very practical for a commercial cleaner who does smaller floors, like in schools and shops. And you won’t get one of those in the back of an estate car.

Let’s see if a Sebo Dart 3 will suit you. Here’s what they look like.

Buy a Sebo floor polisher

Let’s have a closer look.

Buy a Sebo floor polisher

If you’re familiar with the Sebo Dart vacuum cleaners, you may have spotted something.

The Sebo Dart Range

Yes, the main body on the Sebo Dart 3 floor polisher is the same as a Sebo Dart vacuum cleaner.

The Sebo Dart vacuum cleaners come in two widths, the >standard Dart 1< as you see above, and the >wider Dart 2<. They’re a modular machine that allows you to remove the main body from the head in one click so you can use it as a carry-around vacuum like this.

Sebo Dart

There are also other heads you can get that are for specific jobs such as parquet floors. They just clip on.

Sebo Dart 4

But we’re talking here about hard floor cleaning and polishers, and you can also buy just the polishing head for your existing Sebo Dart vacuum. It’s called a UHS head, which stands for “ultra high speed”.

Buy a Sebo Dart 3 floor polisher

Or if you are not a user of the Sebo Dart vacuums yet, you can just buy the full machine.

Sebo Dart 3 floor polisher

So How Does the Sebo Dart 3 Floor Polisher Work?

This is the good bit. No water, no chemicals to buy, no dust, no significant ongoing expenditure. These are not a wet and dry machine, so not a scrubber dryer in the traditional sense.

Underneath there is a green pad like this.

Buy a Sebo Dart 3 floor polisher

That is a micro diamond-coated, semi abrasive pad that spins at 2000 rpm. Other colour pads are available for specific jobs, but green is the standard “all-rounder” it comes with.

Its automatic torque-controlled height adjustment means that the floor pad is at the optimum setting at all times in use. With a rotation of 2000 rpm and with a resin containing micro diamonds coating the floor pads, the Sebo Dart 3 creates a unique gloss effect on the floor surface. The vacuum cleaner part of the machine removes fine dust during polishing. The result is a spotlessly clean floor. No mopping. No water.

Here’s a four-minute video that’s on our Youtube channel so you can see it in action and better see how it works.

Using the Sebo Dart polisher with diamond pads eliminates the health and safety hazard of wet floors and saves the time and cost of applying chemical treatments.

The Sebo Dart polisher is also a vacuum cleaner so it performs two roles in one, which makes it extremely productive. Dust and foot bourne soiling are removed during the polishing process and the S-Class certified filtration ensures even fine particles are prevented from entering the indoor air. As easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner the Dart polisher has been designed so that anyone can use it.

What Type of Floors?

You can use the Dart polisher on natural stone, sealed wooden floors, PVC, Acrylic, heavy-duty linoleum, tiles, PU etc. Basically any commercial-grade hard floor surface you would normally mop. They’re not designed for carpet obviously, or porous floors like terracotta.

For laminates and similar domestic floors, Sebo says they are of “limited suitability”. What that means is use your professional judgment, perhaps try a test area first as some domestic hard floors aren’t good enough quality to be able to use a machine such as this on them. Karndean or any proper wooden floor should be OK, but cushion floor not. The onus is on you to read the data and use it on suitable surfaces.

Speaking of data, you can read a PDF of the official catalogue (links open in a new window) >>here<< and there’s some more useful information in >>this document<< too.

Where To Buy a Sebo Floor Polisher?

If you want to buy a Sebo floor polisher, we are the main Sebo dealer in Manchester and ship anywhere in the UK from stock. No Highlands and Islands delivery surcharges either if you happen to live there.

Sebo Dart 3 floor polisher

You’ll find our prices extremely competitive, and here’s why: you would normally buy online from us and pay when you order. There’s no accounts to open, no 30 or 60 days credit or invoicing later. We prefer not to send invoices in advance and we don’t need your purchase order. You pay for it, we send it, job done.

Also, as commercial machines, these are sold on B2B terms, which means no change of mind returns.  That’s why you pay more on Amazon or from big cleaning supply companies. That’s how we keep the price down.

If you’re buying for a school, college, hotel, cleaning company or other organisation that usually gets invoiced later for this type of equipment, speak to your accounts people. They’ll usually find a way to pay online when they’re saving money.

If you need several machines at once, we can send you a proforma, you’ll pay to the bank in advance and we ship when you’ve paid. Email us >>here<< if you need that.

We find many customers choose to avail themselves of several machines in the modular Dart range at the same time so they have both their vacuuming and floor polishing needs covered using one brand with the advantage of interchangeable components. Many hotels buy Dart 1 machines for the rooms, a Dart 2 for the wide areas and corridors, and a Dart 3 for the hard floors in the dining room.

You can buy a Sebo floor polisher online from us with UK delivery here: Sebo Dart 3 Floor Polisher

If you are in the ROI, >>email us<< with a phone number. We can deliver there by arrangement with minimal duties and you can pay in Euros.

If you prefer to call and collect one, our opening times, map, directions, address, telephone number, email and everything else you need to know is on our >find us page<.


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