Which Is the Best Value Sebo Vacuum Cleaner You Can Buy?

By | October 12, 2020

Which is the best value Sebo vacuum cleaner you can buy?

People are frequently asking us which is the best Sebo vacuum cleaner to buy.

On social media, people often also ask where is the best place to buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner.

In this article, we will concentrate on domestic Sebo vacuums — not commercial ones.

Links in this article will open in a new browser window in order that you can research and verify without leaving this page.

Many people find the vast array of models, specifications, special editions and colours of Sebos available quite confusing. For example, there are two shades of pink and several different models of black and ostensibly black (dark grey) machines which are NOT the same.

In this article, we seek to assist you in your research and ultimately point you towards the Sebo vacuum cleaner that is the best value.

Buying a Sebo on Amazon or eBay

Amazon and eBay are not the best value platforms to buy a Sebo.

The reason for this is very simple: Amazon charges sellers around 16% of the total price (minimum) to sell anything on their platform. To this is added advertising charges that sellers often must pay to get listings to the top of the search. Selling on Amazon typically costs the seller 20%+ when other hidden costs are factored in. This must be built into the price that you pay, so you will always pay more on a third-party platform for a Sebo vacuum (or pretty much anything else for that matter). More often than not, you will be buying from the same seller that you could buy from direct for less anyway.

The best place to buy a new Sebo is always an approved Sebo retailers’ own website or store.

Sebo Retailer

About the Sebo guarantee

If you are buying a domestic Sebo vacuum from an approved UK retailer, you will get a five year direct to Sebo warranty. If you are buying from an internet reseller or a another non-approved seller on a platform such as Amazon or eBay you may not get that warranty. Some sellers on these platforms are selling repackaged department store returns, discontinued versions, distressed stock or grey market imports.

Buying from outlets such as AO, John Lewis, Euronics, Robert Dyas and Hughes

Often times, department stores and large retailers sell so-called special editions.

AO sells a model called the X7 Onyx. John Lewis sells models called the Sebo X7 Excel and X7 Graphite. Hughes and Robert Dyas sells models called the X7 Charcoal and the X7 Boost in navy blue. Euronics sells models called the X7 Pro and a red X7 base model. We’ll demystify all these models below and you can decide if they represent the best value for money or not.

How ‘special’ are special editions? 

This is something we have touched upon before, and this is our opinion:

There is no extra magic or complicated sorcery involved in “exclusive special editions” like the Sebo X7 Excel. They don’t secretly have more powerful motors, better engineering or anything extra that you cannot otherwise obtain.

The reason department stores approach manufacturers of appliances and ask them to make an “exclusive” line for them such as the Sebo X7 Excel is in order that nobody is able to make a like-for-like comparison with other appliances at other retailers. This allows them to offer things like a “price match promise”.

If nobody else sells the identical machine in all respects you don’t need to price match anybody. All you need to do is give a wry smile and say, “Ah, but that machine is not exactly the same as ours, let me explain why…………”

This is marketing from the 1970s large department store retail playbook, and you don’t see that much of it nowadays as people are wise to it. But some of the old school retailers from the era of Captain Peacock in Are You Being Served still believe this stuff works.

Consider return policies

Retailers have the legal right under the Distance Selling Regulations to examine returns and deduct an appropriate amount from any refund for any loss of value. If it has been unboxed, scratched, used or damaged in transit, for example, it has lost value. In any event, that machine isn’t new any more and must be resold for much less. If you change your mind, that loss of value, and the cost of the return, will more than likely be passed on to you with an independent retailer.

If you are undecided as to whether a Sebo is for you, want to buy online but still want to try before you commit, or think it likely that you may want to return the machine if you don’t like it, then a seller like John Lewis or Amazon is better for you. This is because of their generous return policies, lack of scrutiny on those returns and often even free prepaid return carriage. One reason you pay more at large retailers is every customer must absorb part of the cost of the few who change their mind.

Many independent sellers – us included – have suspended returns of vacuums that have been opened and switched on altogether. This is in line with government and health and safety guidelines issued in 2020 by the government to retailers to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

We always recommend that people who haven’t quite decided to visit our Manchester store (or a store local to them) and try the machines for themselves before they buy in order that returns are not necessary.

Which is the best model of Sebo to buy?

Most people in the UK buy upright machines over cylinders. Sebo does two ranges of upright machines: the Sebo Felix and the Sebo X7. The vast majority of people buy the X7.

Let’s take a closer look at all the UK Sebo X7 models currently available online and in stores.

All Sebo X7 vacuums are badged “ePower” and “Automatic”. The term ePower was coined when the EU forced the UK to reduce the wattage of new vacuums in 2017. The term Automatic refers to the self-levelling system which all X7 vacuums have. In terms of your research on the Sebo X7, disregard the use of the words ePower and Automatic as differentiators as there are no non-ePower or non-Automatic models.

The Sebo X7 white 

The entry model Sebo X7 available from independent retailers is this model in white. Sebo X7 whiteThat version of the X7 comes exactly as you see it and with two onboard tools and no further extras. Its good value if you want a basic machine with not much in the way of extra tools. It’s also good value if you have some older Sebo tools and hoses from another upright model already (yes, they fit).

As this is the base model that comes with two tools (crevice and stair) only, we’ll compare everything to this below for easier comparison.

The Sebo X7 red

The red X7 (91503GB) that is sold by Euronics dealers is exactly the same specification as the white above, but it’s red.

The Sebo X7 Excel

John Lewis sells a model called the X7 Excel which is a white machine with a headlight and a boost button. We discussed that machine in more depth in this article. In synopsis, that isn’t the best value Sebo vacuum cleaner you can buy.

The Sebo X7 Graphite

John Lewis also sells a model called the automatic X7 ePower Graphite (91504GBG), which as the name suggests is very dark grey (we bought one so you don’t have to).

Sebo X7 Graphite

This machine is exactly the same specification as the white X7 linked above that we sell, but around £40 more expensive. So this isn’t the best value Sebo you can buy either.

The X7 Graphite is not to be confused with the X7 black Pet which we will discuss later in this article. We did a more in-depth article on the X7 Graphite here.

The X7 Onyx

AO sells a model that they call the X7 Onyx (91500GB1). Again, this is another confusingly black model not to be confused with the black X7 Pet Boost, despite looking similar (again, we bought one so you don’t have to).

Sebo X7 Onyx

The X7 Onyx is yet another base model machine that is exactly the same specification as the X7 white that we sell, but again, it’s around £40 more expensive than an X7 white. So, you guessed it, not the best value Sebo vacuum cleaner you can buy.

The Sebo X7 Extra in navy blue

The mid-range model sold by independent retailers is the Sebo X7 Extra in navy blue (not to be confused with the similar-looking blue model Hughes sell which is discussed further down).

Sebo X7 Navy Blue

That is the same as the X7 white in terms of specification but comes with this dusting brush, this clamp to attach the dusting brush to the handle and this extension hose. This model is the one that replaces the much-loved, old navy blue X4 (which incidentally, we still sell).

It costs only around £40 more than the X7 white and that represents simply the cost of the extras that come with it. The X7 extra is, when you compare prices, already better value than the John Lewis, AO, Euronics and Hughes models. But we have better value yet waiting for you further down.

The Sebo X7 Boost in navy blue

This one confuses people as it looks ostensibly identical to the navy blue X7 above apart from having dark trims instead of silver.

This is a model sold by Hughes and Robert Dyas which has the extra stair extension hose and a headlight. However, it doesn’t come with the charcoal filter to reduce smells and doesn’t come with the turbo upholstery tool which the black X7 Pet does. It is however about the same price as the black X7 Pet, which makes it not the best value Sebo you can buy when the black X7 Pet gives you much more for the same money.

The Sebo X7 Pro

The X7 Pro (91533GB) is yet another machine that is black or almost black. This is another model sold by Euronics dealers. Apart from the headlight on the front, it is exactly the same specification as the navy blue Sebo X7 that we sell, but is typically £50 more expensive. So again, not the best value Sebo vacuum cleaner.

Sebo X7 Pastel models

Sebo does a range of pastel-coloured machines, these are in bright pink, dark pink, mint green or eggshell blue.

These machines are the same specification as a white X7, with an added boost button and headlight. They cost around the same as the black X7 Pet but don’t come with the dusting brush and clamp, charcoal filter, stair extension hose or turbo upholstery tool. These are discussed in more depth in this article.

This makes the pastel range not as good value as the black X7 Pet and the only reason to buy one over a better value model is if you particularly want one of these colours. These machines cost more to make in these colour shades, so they cost more for that reason. We sell those machines here.

The Sebo X7 Pet in black

So throughout the article, we’ve compared everything to the Sebo X7 Pet, so let’s talk about it.

Quite simply: the black X7 Pet in gloss black is the top of the range and the best value Sebo X7 that you can buy.

Sebo X7 Pet

The specification is as the white machine, but on top of that, you get the dusting brush and mounting clamp, the stair extension hose, this spiffing turbo upholstery and stair tool, the headlight, a charcoal filter to reduce smells and the piest de la resistance of Sebo extras: the excellent boost button (all the user needs to do is press the boost button to enjoy a deeper clean from the extra pile-lifting power).

Best Value Sebo Vacuum Cleaner

Now, what if I tell you that of the three models we stock (white, navy and this black Pet), the difference between the base white model and this top black Pet model is just £70. That’s a LOT of extras with the top model for just £70 more. And it knocks spots off all those ‘special editions’ in terms of what comes with it for the price, and thus, is better value for money.

This is why we call it the best Sebo vacuum cleaner: the black X7 Pet represents the best value for money for a Sebo X7 by far. It is our best-selling model for that reason and you can find them on our site with free next working day, fully tracked DPD delivery by clicking the button below.

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