Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Best for Very Deep Pile Carpet?

By | September 12, 2018

Which vacuum cleaner is best for very deep pile carpet?

In recent years there has been a fashion for exceptionally deep pile carpet.

Thick pile or deep pile (what we used to call shag pile carpet) is now also known as Saxony carpet. It’s great to have a deep plush carpet that your toes can sink into when you walk on it, but not so great when you realise that your vacuum cleaner isn’t up to the job of cleaning it.

You need a top quality vacuum cleaner to clean deep pile carpet. You may have realised that many modern Dysons, for example, aren’t much use with this type of carpet because the head simply glues to the floor and makes vacuuming a very hard job.

Similarly, you can forget handheld or cordless vacuum cleaners with this type of carpet. You need a good quality mains powered vacuum cleaner for deep pile carpet. One with the correct design of brushroll that can groom this type of carpet adequately.

Deep Pile Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo are the largest German vacuum cleaner manufacturer you have possibly never heard of.

They tend not to advertise because they don’t need to. They seem to think you must discover them. You will find their vacuums in John Lewis (quite expensive), on platforms such as eBay and Amazon (quite expensive because of the 12-15% fees sellers must pay) and you’ll find them in independent vacuum stores like ours (costing less than the previous options).

In actual fact, Sebo are the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vacuum cleaners. You will see their machines in virtually any office, hospital or school environment; they are the default standard for most commercial vacuum users.

Sebo BS36 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

The domestic Sebo X7 range of vacuum cleaners have automatic height-adjusting floor heads which adapt to the floor surface that you are using them on. They also have extra vents in the front soleplate to allow the passage of air into the machine when grooming deep pile carpet.

Saxony Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

If you have paid many thousands of pounds for expensive deep pile carpeting, please don’t abuse your new carpet by using a cheap, nasty vacuum cleaner on it.

In the same way that you would buy proper appliances for your kitchen, or perhaps Dyson purifier fans around your home, don’t scrimp on vacuum cleaners and end up sawing away on your floors with something wholly unsuitable like a Henry, a Vax, a modern Dyson, a cordless anything or one of the American Shark monstrosities.

And please don’t buy a Gtech, >>here<< is one reason why, but more germaine in this article is the fact that a motorised Ewbank carpet sweeper type machine (as a Gtech is) will be utterly ineffective on the type of thick, deep-pile carpet we are discussing here.

Sebo vacuum cleaners are handmade in Germany.

VAcuum Cleaner for Deep Pile Carpet

They epitomise all of the stereotypes that we think of when we think about German engineering and German appliances. They simply work. They work reliably for a long time. They come with a five year guarantee that you are unlikely to need to use.

It is important to use a good quality vacuum cleaner because the mixture of suction and agitation from a well designed brush roll helps to remove abrasive grit from your carpet. As you probably know, abrasive grit works down to the bottom of the pile in your carpet and will eventually leave holes in it.

Sebo are arguably the world’s best vacuum cleaner. They are used everywhere from Buckingham Palace to Trump Tower. You’ll find Sebo vacuum cleaners not only in the Ritz hotel in London but also in the Waldorf Astoria and any other classic well-known hotel you could mention.

Hotel vacuum cleaner

Sebo vacuum cleaners are recommended by Axminster Carpets, Ulster Carpets and the Wool Foundation. Not to mention endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Institute and winner of the 2018 Floorcare Awards.

Shag Pile Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Due to the computer-controlled automatic height adjustment you find on the Sebo X7 range, these are pretty much the only vacuum cleaner that we are confident to recommend for deep pile and shag pile, Saxony type carpets.

As our retail store is located within reasonable proximity to the Cheshire triangle, many of the local carpet shops in Cheshire (including the carpet department at Arighi Bianchi Macclesfield) send their customers to us in order that they can try a Sebo vacuum on a sample of very deep pile carpeting they bring with them. The level of service we offer our customers for Sebo exceeds the local John Lewis at Handforth Dean (Cheadle).

We stock three models of the Sebo X7:

The white gloss X7 base model comes without the extra hose to reach up the stairs. If you don’t have stairs, this may be the model for you.

The navy blue mid market X7 model comes with an extra long hose to reach up the stairs and an extra brush for just a few pounds more (same mechanical specification as a John Lewis’s Sebo X7 Excel – but cheaper).

The top of the range black X7 Pet model comes with smell-destroying charcoal filters, the extra long hose, a hand held mini turbo tool, and the additional brush tool. Not to mention the famous Sebo Boost button which pulls the head down deep into the carpet pile.

You can buy a Sebo vacuum from us online >>here<<.

Our Sebo vacuums are sent with DPD next day delivery from shop stock. You don’t have to hang around waiting in either as with DPD you can drill the delivery time down to a 15 minute window. Read about our delivery service >>here<<.

Best Deep Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

If you are within a reasonable distance of our shop, you can learn about our Premium Home Delivery, which includes packaging removal, old machine disposal and assembly with our own drivers at no extra cost >>here<<.

If you have any questions about vacuum cleaners or specifically about Sebo vacuums, you are most welcome to ask the question on our discussion forums >>here<< (post in the Sebo room). Our forums are a venue where you can obtain unbiased advice from our members who are members of the public, people in the trade and others.

If you need to ask us a specific question before you buy you can do this >>here<<.

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If you have decided to buy a Sebo but want to shop around first, feel free to look around Amazon, eBay or John Lewis and then come back and check our prices. If we are not the cheapest like for like already we will match or beat any seller on any of those platforms.

If you want a Sebo vacuum, we want your business.

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