Our Rare Bright Yellow Sebo X4 Vacuum Cleaner

By | October 8, 2018

Today we’ve decided to show you one of our very rare Sebo vacuum cleaners.

This is a bright yellow Sebo X4.

Sebo Spare Parts

The X4 is a discontinued model in all European countries (replaced by the Sebo X7 range) due to EU vacuum cleaner regulations. You can still buy them only in America and Australia until they are replaced there too in the near future.

Occasionally, Sebo make unusual colour variants. We have an article >>here<< about another one of our rare Sebo vacuums which is a see-through model.

Sebo Spares - yellow Sebo X4

This yellow Sebo X4 was sent to us by our colleagues at Sebo HQ in Germany when they found out we were looking for one. They were kind enough to raid their obsolete spare parts bins and build it for us.

This colour scheme was sold for a limited period in continental Europe and the USA. We are not aware that this machine in this colour was ever sold in the UK (we have never seen one anyway).

Sebo X4 spare parts

However the machine you are looking at here is a UK specification 220-240v version because it was built that way for us.

Sebo X4 spares

This rare Sebo vacuum cleaner sits in our vacuum museum in our Stockport shop. Any personal visitors to our shop are welcome to peruse our museum which has in excess of 50 vacuum cleaners with many rare models from the 1920s through to the mid-noughties.

Sebo X1.1 Spare Parts

As Sebo official dealers, and also the largest independent vacuum shop in the north of England, we have quite an extensive collection of rare vacuum cleaners that have come into our hands over the years. We would like to thank Sebo Deutschland (and Sebo UK who assisted with the transportation) for adding this one to our collection.

The Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs are approved Sebo dealers offering next day UK delivery on all domestic and commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners. You can shop for Sebo vacuum cleaners by clicking >>this link<<.

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