Our Guarantee

The Sebo Shop Guarantee Information.

How Long is my Guarantee?

  • Depending which product you bought, and from which venue (the best deals are always on our own site but we do occasionally use third party platforms), the guarantee is either zero, three, six or twelve months. New Sebo vacuums get five years. 

If you purchased a used or refurbished Sebo product from us, then we honour the guarantee.

If you purchased a brand new Sebo vacuum cleaner from us, then it has a five year guarantee, and Sebo will honour that guarantee. Contact them on 01494 465533 from the UK.

What is Covered with a Reconditioned Sebo Guarantee?

  • The repair or replacement of your vacuum cleaner if it is found to be defective due to faulty materials, workmanship or function within the guarantee period. Please note that the decision to repair or replace your machine is at the sole discretion of Manchester Vacs.

What is Not Covered by the Reconditioned Sebo Guarantee? We do not guarantee the repair or replacement of a product incurred as a result of:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Accidental damage, faults caused by negligent use or care, misuse, vandalism, neglect, careless operation, water ingress, or handling of the machine which is not commensurate with normal usage.
  • Blockages: Filters and bag replacement are a user serviceable items. Sebos cut out when they are blocked (that's a design safety feature). Most people hoping to claim under the guarantee never bother to check the simple things. If you send us a machine back with only a blockage, there will be a service charge to repair it.
  • The guarantee is null and void on machines that have sucked up water or other liquid. 
  • Belts and hoses are consumable items and seldom covered under warranty. But models differ so ask us. Sebos belts generally last the lifetime of the machine. 

Terms and Conditions of the Manchester Vacs Guarantee:

  • The guarantee becomes effective at the date of purchase (or the date of delivery if this is later).
  • You must provide proof of guarantee and/or purchase before any work is carried out on your machine. Without this proof, any work carried out may be subject to a charge for the service. Please keep your guarantee document or receipt. If a mail-order/internet customer, date of transaction will be enough. We can trace it from that.
  • All work will be carried out by Manchester Vacs unless expressly agreed otherwise.
  • The repair or replacement of your machine under guarantee will not extend the period of guarantee.

Information for Mail-Order/Internet Customers:

  • If you purchased your reconditioned Sebo by mail-order/internet from us, and are not local to our shop, this is how the guarantee affects you: Our guarantee for mail-order/internet customers is a "return to base" guarantee. This means YOU are responsible for the cost of returning your machine to us, and us sending it back again (typically £10 each way). Exception is made for any faults that develop within seven days of receipt on machines supplied to the UK mainland. In that case, we will pay carriage both ways (that does not include the UK Highlands & Islands or overseas clients).
  • Mail-order/internet clients who wish to make a guarantee claim MUST speak to us on the telephone first. It is essential we understand the nature of the problem before we authorise the return of a machine. In most cases, a problem can be solved over the telephone. In most cases the problem is a blockage or a brushbar that is not turning -- these are easily rectified by the user and do not warrant return of the machine. Over 90% of our would-be "warranty claims" are for blockages, incorrect use or or non-rotating brushbars that have cut out as a saftey feature. We are usually able to direct you to an article or video online that will help you solve these problems yourself quickly. Before you contact us, please review our frequently asked questions. Often the answer is there, with links to further information.
  • If you are returning a machine to us by courier or Royal Mail, we may ask you to send only part of the machine (upright Sebos are modular – they come apart easily) to reduce shipping weight (and cost). Speak to us for the most economical method of return. We can help with that.
  • If you are practically inclined, and the problem is easily repairable, we may just send you a part that you are able to fit yourself. This saves us both money in shipping costs. Speak to one of our engineers on the telephone if you feel able to repair the problem yourself.
  • Parts guarantee: New spares are normally subject to the manufacturer guarantee. There is no guarantee on consumables such as bags and hoses as they are items that simply wear out. Many new genuine Sebo or after-market spares carry a 12 month guarantee (assuming item not abused). Used spare parts carry no warranty other than they are fit for purpose at the time they are supplied. 
  • Motors and PCB boards: Certain items such as PCB boards are non-returnable under any circumstances (as explained on the listings). Motors are guaranteed for three months when supplied online (12 months if we fit them). The limited guarantee on motors sold online is because we are unable to ascertain the expertise of the fitter, verify if new filters were fitted or examine the machine to establish the usage conditions. In all instances of guarantee claims within three months for motors, having got prior approval from us, the motor must be returned to us at your expense for examination before any replacement will be considered.  All motor replacements will be at our discretion after examination by our engineers. That said, Sebo motors are excellent and seldom fail. 

The Plain English Version:

  • Our reputation is important to us. We want people to enjoy what they buy from us and tell others about their good experience. In the unlikely event that something we are responsible for goes wrong with your Sebo vacuum cleaner or something you bought from us, you can expect us to put it right without argument, drama or unnecessary delay.
  • We do not build and sell machines with the intent of having to repair them again in the future; we do our utmost to get it right the first time!