Review The Sebo Shop

By | June 19, 2018

You are probably reading this page because we linked you to it from your Sebo Shop order confirmation email.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom.

Like many businesses we tacitly solicit positive online reviews from our customers without trying to be pushy (there’s an aporia if ever there was one). It’s a fine line so we link you to this topic in order to do so.

It is important to us that potential future customers feel able to trust us when transacting online. One of the ways they can do this is if they can read genuine reviews from other customers who had a good experience.

In the unlikely event that you have had a poor experience dealing with us we would encourage you to >contact us< directly and give us the opportunity to fix any problem. But hopefully, almost all of our customers are happy.

Some of our customers contact us and ask where they can leave a review online.

Not everybody has a Facebook account or a Twitter account or a Trustpilot account but most people have something, so below we give you the links to our platforms where you can review us and if you happen to use one of them it will be painless.

Review sites: 

  • If you have a Trustpilot account you can go >here<.
  • If you have a Facebook account you can go >here< (we’d also appreciate a like and a follow).
  • If you use Gmail, Googlemail or have a Youtube, Google+ or other Google account, you can go >here<.

Other Social Media:

  • If you would like to follow us or give us a nice shoutout on Twitter, you’ll find us >here<.
  • If you would like to follow us or give us a nice shoutout on Instagram, you’ll find us >here<.
  • If you want to watch our Youtube videos you can go >here< (we’d appreciate it if you subscribed to our channel).
  • If you are a Pinterest user, you’ll find us >here<.

Other Resources: 

We also have a rather superb discussion forum on our main website >here<.

It is a great place for discussion with vacuum enthusiasts, collectors, people in the trade, repairers etc. It is also full of repair topics, DIY topics, troubleshooting topics, resources videos and links to help you repair your Sebo vacuum cleaner.

Many people contact us for one-to-one repair advice. Unfortunately, as much as we like to help people we are unable to give one-to-one repair advice on the telephone or by email and that refusal often offends. However, our engineers do visit our technical advice forums and give advice there. So if you have a question about repairing your Sebo vacuum you are more than welcome to make a free account on our discussion forums and post the topic in the Sebo vacuum room, and one of our helpful members or one of our members of staff will be pleased to help you and answer your questions.