How to Choose the Correct Belts for Your Sebo Vacuum Cleaner

By | April 1, 2020

Choosing the correct Sebo Automatic X vacuum belts

If you have a Sebo Automatic X vacuum cleaner, you may encounter difficulty identifying which belts you need if you decide to replace them as part of your routine servicing.

The Sebo Automatic X vacuums comprise the following models: X1, X1.1, X4 and X7 and come in a variety of colours (even pink).

The commercial variants are models: X5, X8, XP1, XP2, XP3, XP10, XP20 and XP30.

If you are stripping your Sebo vacuum cleaner down to change the motor, for example, it is good practice to change the belts at the same time because they are probably as old as the motor that has just failed.

It will often be the case that you will buy some belts online and find that they don’t fit. Most online sellers have inaccurate fitment information about Sebo belts because there are several types and most of them don’t know one end of a Sebo from the other.

Many sellers copy text from other people’s listings too, so one mistake can be amplified across many sellers. Often we see on sites like Amazon or eBay claims that such-and-such a belt fits all Sebo X4s for example, and guess what? We know it doesn’t.

It is also important to either buy genuine Sebo, OEM or otherwise top quality belts for your Sebo. This is because the larger of the two belts which runs next to the PCB must be an anti-static belt in order that static electricity does not build up and damage the PCB.

Sellers of budget belts on places like eBay and Amazon will sell you belts – if they fit – that probably won’t be anti-static and may damage your machine in the medium to long-term. Buying cheap and nasty Chinese belts is a false economy when it comes to your Sebo.

In actual fact, the concept of a “genuine Sebo belt” can also be a bit of a misnomer as they are not stamped Sebo. Most Sebo belts are made for Sebo by Omega or Optibelt, but other makers were sometimes used.

All the belts we supply are either sourced from Sebo or from a major OEM such as Optibelt, Omega or similar. Any belts we supply will be good quality and the correct specification for your Sebo.

How to Choose the Correct Sebo Automatic X Vacuum belts?

We are going to demystify it for you.

There are two possible combinations of belts for the models X1, X1.1, X4, X5, X7, X8 and commercial XP models. You’ll need to take off the top cover of your Sebo before you buy to be able to identify which pair you need.

There are two ways to identify the correct belts:

  • By going off the belt number on your old ones (if visible)
  • By checking the number of teeth on the motor drive cog along with the colour of the belt sensor unit (the unit by the PCB on which both belts run).

The smaller front belts on Sebo Automatic X models is always belt number 5110.

The back, larger belt is what differs, and that is where the confusion arises.

We sell two pairs of belts to make it simpler: Set 1 (early machines) and Set 2 (later machines).

Set 1: 

Early Sebo X machines have 16 teeth on the motor drive cog.

Sebo 5379 drive belt

They have belt numbers of 5379 or 5109 (5109 is the same belt as 5379) and 5110.

Sebo belts 5109 and 5110

The belt sensor unit (the unit by the PCB on which both belts run) is grey on early machines.

Set 2:

Later Sebo X machines have 22 teeth on the motor drive cog.

Sebo 5463 belt

They have belt numbers 5463 and 5110 on them.

How to identify Sebo vacuum belts

The belt sensor unit (the unit by the PCB on which both belts run) is yellow on later machines.

If you are unable to identify your belts from the existing numbers on them, then you can identify them by the fact that you need a 5110 on the front and you identify the back one based upon the belt sensor colour and the number of teeth on your motor drive cog.

Where to buy?

If you are in the UK, they are the best value right here on our Sebo Shop website, the direct link is >>here<<.

We charge £6.99 DPD for next working day delivery. However, that charge does not increase if you order more items, so you can add packets of bags, service boxes and other parts and accessories to your order and pay the same flat delivery fee (it becomes free over £120). Buy a couple of items and that is the best value option.

If you are an Amazon buyer you can find Set 2 >>here<< (we don’t have Set 1 on Amazon).

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eBay is probably the cheaper option for US, Canadian and Australian buyers. And that comes with tracked international delivery through eBay Global Fulfillment.