Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting

By | May 16, 2022

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting: If you’re looking to repair your Sebo X series vacuum cleaner, this article is here to direct you to our many free resources and articles that will help you. We are unable to offer one-to-one advice by email or telephone, but we have excellent online resources – the blog here and our advice forums – that will help you diagnose and repair your Sebo vacuum.

If you decide that a repair is beyond your skills, you can get your Sebo fixed further down this page too.

This article covers the largely similar Automatic X range of Sebo vacuums which are:

  • The Sebo X1
  • The Sebo X1.1
  • The Sebo X4
  • The Sebo X5
  • The Sebo X7
  • The Sebo X8
  • The Sebo XP1, XP2 and XP3
  • The Sebo XP10, XP20 and XP30

Body colours and model descriptors like Extra, Excel, Pet, Boost, 1300w, etc. aren’t terribly relevant for these purposes as all Automatic X machines are very similar in regards to troubleshooting.

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting

The Sebo X4 was discontinued in 2017 but they remain a great machine today.

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So let’s make a start. All links on this page open in a new tab so you don’t lose this page.

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting: no power

You switch the machine on and nothing at all happens. Out of the blue. Nothing at all. No warning lights. No smoke, bad smells or rumbling – just silence.

As long as there were no warning signs to herald its demise, the most likely cause is the power cable. Even if there’s no visual damage, wear and tear can cause the cable to fail internally close to where it goes into the machine. If your Sebo was working just fine and suddenly stopped, it may just need a replacement flex. Find out how to test for that and fit a new one here: How To Fit a Replacement Sebo Vacuum Flex & Where To Buy

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting: stopping and starting – random cutting out 

If your Sebo is stopping and starting while you are using it, or occasionally cutting out and there are no warning lights, that is likely the harbinger of the no power fault above.

Plug it in and switch it on. Grasp the power cord a few inches from where it goes into the handle. Move it very gently and slowly up and down, side to side and maybe round in a circle. Try twisting it a little left and right. If the machine bursts into life, even for a moment while you are doing that, then it needs a replacement power cord. In this case, the cable has broken internally and a new one will fix it. Read the same article as above: How To Fit a Replacement Sebo Vacuum Flex & Where To Buy

If you are unable to fit a new flex yourself, we have a service for that here: Sebo Vacuum Power Cord Repair Service by Post

Sebo X1 Troubleshooting

Your old Sebo X1 is worth fixing – they’re a great machine and quite retro now.

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting: cutting out only when pulled backward

If your machine works OK when pushed forwards but cuts out when pulled backward, it’s losing its power connection. Remove the main body from the base using the central button below the bag door. On the neck, where the two tubes are, there are two male spades protruding inside. Look closely at them. Do either of them look burned, corroded or not the same as each other? A poor connection there causes them to short out and degrade. The answer is to replace >>this loom<<.

If you have a brand new X7, XP10, XP20 or XP30 that you have recently assembled and it is cutting out similarly, read this instead: New Sebo Cutting Out? How to Fix That

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting: cutting out with bag full light on

You’ve changed your bag as the light told you to, and when you switch the machine on the red light is still illuminated. If that red light stays on for more than a few moments, the machine will switch itself off. It is designed to do this – that is a safety feature to protect the motor that is built into the machine. It’s likely blocked. Check under the orange access flap under the machine first, if that’s clear read this: Bag Full Light Lit Up and Machine Cutting Out

If it’s not blocked as described there, and it’s an X1 or early 1300w X4, then try this: How to Fix the Bag Full Light on a Sebo X1 or Early X4

If it’s a later 1100w Eco model X4 or X1.1, it is fitted with >>this PCB<<. You can just replace it. Most of the time they can be reset, but it’s a workshop job as there’s a special tool to do it. You can send it in to us to be reset and that costs £30 including return postage. There’s no charge if it cant be reset. Email us >>here<< to arrange that.

If you have an X7, X8 or an XP with this problem, and you know it isn’t blocked and you are certain the cable is fine, that may be the PCB too. But it may not, and >X7 PCBs< are expensive and non-returnable. Better to >send it in for a repair< to be on the safe side.

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting: check brush light is on

When you recline the machine, the green down arrow should light up briefly and the machine lowers a bit. When you stand it up, the other green up arrow should light up briefly and it should raise a little. If it doesn’t, the Automatic height isn’t working, so see the next item down. If it goes up and down, carry on reading.

Turn the machine over when it’s running. Is the brush roll spinning? If not, it may have snapped a belt. Open it up and have a look, and if one is snapped replace both. Don’t just buy Sebo belts online from some faceless internet seller as they are not all the same and most sellers have no clue about compatibility. Read this: How to Choose the Correct Belts for Your Sebo Vacuum Cleaner

If the brush roll is spinning, with it running, recline it, let it lower till the down light is out, and press lightly down on the front of the head, above where the brushroll is while it’s running. Has the light gone out now? Try a >>new brushroll<< in that case. That may well cure it. If your brushroll has white bristles, it’s donkey’s years old so change it anyway.

Sebo X7 troubleshooting

New Sebo Automatic X7s in our shop and a commercial XP10 furthest away.

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting: not raising or lowering and/or hard to push

When you recline the machine, the green down arrow should light up briefly and the machine lowers a bit. When you stand it up, the other green up arrow should light up briefly and it should raise a little. If it doesn’t, the Automatic height isn’t working. If it’s stuck low down it will be hard to push. A new brushroll cures 90% of self-levelling problems. It doesn’t matter if you think it “looks OK” – if the bristles have worn or softened over time, the onboard computer senses that there isn’t enough resistance between the brushroll and the floor and the height adjustment won’t work properly. If your Sebo brush roll has white bristles, then it’s always time for a new one as they were discontinued many years ago and it will be too soft or worn by now.

Read this: Is Your Sebo Automatic X Vacuum Hard to Push? How to Fix It

If you recline the machine and the height adjustment is notchy or there’s a clicking sound from under the machine where the central wheel is, it likely wants a >servo motor<.

Something else to look at: take off the top and there’s a magnet. See >>this topic on our forums<<. If it has come out, it will be on the power board somewhere, the PCB under it. Find it, glue it back in and see if it works now.

The last thing to try would be the power supply board if an X1, X1.1 or X4/5. Get the right one. The early one is >>here<< and the later one is >>here<< (not applicable to X7/XP).

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting: motor failure

If the motor has failed, there will usually be either smoke, a bad smell or a bubbling or popping noise before it goes. Or all three.

If you have an X1 or an X4, be sure to buy the right motor by reading this: Buying the Correct Sebo X1, X1.1, X4 Vacuum Motor: Ametek, Lamb or Domel?

If you have an X7, X8 or an XP10, XP20 or XP30, that motor is >>here<<.

If you’re capable of rebuilding the motor yourself, you can see how we do it on our YouTube video >>here<<. The bearings are >>here<< and the bearing puller is >>here<<. X1 Lamb carbon brushes are >>here<< and X4 Domel carbon brushes are >>here<<.

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting: how to strip a Sebo Automatic X down

On our advice forums, there is a full strip-down and refurbishment topic of a Sebo X4 with many photos. Find it here: Sebo X4 ‘Extra’ – Stripdown and Refurbishment

There’s also a full strip-down and refurbishment of a Sebo X1 that you can find here: 1997 Sebo Automatic X1 – Stripdown and Refurbishment

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting: cutting out with both warning lights blinking

This can be a number of things. It can be one of the PCBs, the motor, and a few other things. In this case, it’s best to >send or bring both the base and handle to us for repair<. To do otherwise may mean buying parts you don’t need, and they’re often not returnable.

Sebo Automatic X7 Troubleshooting: Sebo X7 won’t stay standing up

Early X7s had an issue with the pedal spring causing them not to stay stood up. Where to get one and how to fit it is here: How to Fit a Replacement Pedal on a Sebo X7, X8 or XP

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting: changing the belts

Don’t just buy some random belts from eBay or Amazon or suchlike, read this: How to Choose the Correct Belts for Your Sebo Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo Automatic X4 Troubleshooting: need more advice? 

We’ve given you solutions to the problems we see most often. But no guide can be exhaustive and that’s why we have our advice forums. Our advice forums are free, and you can find the Sebo room here: Sebo vacuum repair advice

If you don’t see your problem there, you can make a free account and ask a question. We are unable to offer one-to-one advice by email or telephone, but we or our members will help you on our advice forums.

Have your Sebo repaired

If you prefer that we fix your Sebo, that’s no problem.

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If you’re not local to us, have a read of this instead: National Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Repair Service

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